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How websites are made

The chief ingredient in a website is coffee. Atleast, that's what an amateur will tell you. In my line of work, the creative eye will look at the client's industry, listen to their ideas, and create a website that fits the intended audience. When you are ready for a website to be built by Rogerroger, then zap me an email using the contact form. I recommend that you look at a few of the websites I've built. This is a partial list of websites.

Websites built by Rogerroger

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Hand crafted for your website

One client of mine operated a charter operation that flew passengers in the comfort of private jets. The website look and feel matched the expectations while at the same time assuring passengers that flight safety was a top concern. A brief pilots introduction was used online to communicate operational safety in a personal way. Click Play.

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The audio tool is customized down to the detail of a volume slider that operates like a jet throttle.



  • Find a website designer who cooperates with you.
  • Your website should come with Webmail and other features like autoresponders.
  • Save Money by hosting your website with Rogerroger. Domain registrations are free when you host with me.

Websites are produced to deliver information about your products and services. Rogerroger builds without using fuzzy photos, vague text, and poor navigation. Web pages will have consistent design, working forms, and sharp logo reproductions. All pages will be optimized for Search Engines. Call Rogerroger at 281-373-9268.

You can email me, also. Fill out the form.

The difference...

Note: When you view the partial list of websites, you'll see a difference. Websites by Rogerroger are more interactive and stylish. Design is taken up a notch.