Funny Videos

A Serious video, first.

A promotional video was made for a charity auction to build up excitement for a homemade quilt made by school children and Mrs. Joan.

Quilt Video


Funny video.

There's no shortage of funny videos on the internet. This piece promotes what a MacBook Pro can do when mixed with a carful of creativity.

Yo Gabba Gabba Video


Funny video.

When I was a kid, we played street football or pretended to be army men with plastic rifles. Today, kids play on the computer. Here's proof.

Cyclops Cowboy Video


Funny video.

A MacBook Pro can do some of the darnest things when you mix a little Genesis music with it.

Faces Video


Sports video.

Girls Basketball. Rosehill Christian High School -v- Concordia Lutheran HS. Game played on Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2010.

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El Salvador video

A group of High School students travelled from Texas to El Salvador. Supported by the mission organization Living Water, Int'l., the students made improvements to the community by helping to dig a water well, teaching hygience, and presenting Jesus Christ to families during the summer of 2011.

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Astrodome video

How many of your friends have spoken up about the issue of what to do with the ol' Houston Astrodome? In a trophy-class, monologue moment, local radio talk-show host, Michael Berry says what a lot of Houstonians should be saying; but aren't. Michael Berry says is it with humor and courage.

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