Aerial Photos

Aerial Photos for real estate, commercial applications, and personal use.

It is a big deal. Flying around Houston is different each trip. The skyline in the fourth largest city in the USA is spectacular.

Aerial Photos

Definition: A photo taken from the air from a flying platform.


Aerial Graphics

Definition: An aerial photo with layers of graphic information added to make a more appealing product for the real estate and commercial industries. See the difference. See a visual demo of a before and after effect.

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Flight Attitude

I vividly remember shooting a high altitude shot over Houston at 14,000' one frigid day and was able to see College Station, Tx from one window and Galveston Bay from the other window. It was an exceptionally clear day in Houston. Most aerial photo flights are shot at low altitude through the "Houston Haze". The closer the camera is to the subject, the less haze. One business located east of Willowbrook Mall wanted a an aerial photo showing the entire property from a low altitude. My helicopter pilot positioned us above the tree-tops to capture the best image. Rogerroger will shoot from various angles and positions to capture the best image for your aerial photo.




The Rogerroger Company shoots aerial photos from helicopters and planes.
  • Spring, Summer and Fall are the best times to shoot.
  • Polarizing filters are used to enhance the blue sky.
  • When mounting your aerial photo, consider using gatorboard instead of matte board for more durability.

Helicopters provide the aerial photographer the best platform. The lower altitudes and hovering maneuvers provide excellent results.Call Rogerroger at 713-248-7369 to arrange an aerial photo mission.

You can email me, also. Fill out the form.

Highway 290...

Note: If you are looking for before and after aerial photos of Highway 290 in northwest Houston, then call me. My archive reaches back to 1997.